What type of sunglasses does rick ross wear?

What kind of sunglasses does rick ross wear?
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  • cabanaboy01

    Some people said that the sunglasses rick ross worn is Louis Vuitton "Millionaires" among other LV styles. The sunglasses are really cool for him. And the design of the sunglasses make them suit for a lots of people. It is really cool sunglasses to try. If you like it, i believe you can search a similar pair from online. Good luck.
  • Logan hall

    Absolutely LV.It is very obvious that what he wears r lv.I bet they must be very expensive.I once planed to save some money to get a real pair.But now I have a new idea,that is,I can also get one pair online.Mentioned this,I think amazon can be a good place to go.There r so many brands there and u can freely choose what u want and what u like.

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