What type of glasses make your nose look smaller?

My nose is a little big, and I want to pick up a pair of glasses which can make my nose seem smaller? I wish to get some advice here.
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  • Elijah walker

    Don' t worry, you can have a lot of choices. Try big frame glasses, they will set off your nose to be small, trust me. Besides, if your face shape is not squared, you can try squared framed glasses. In terms of me, that will make you look very cool. Spoke of color, I recommend you to buy the black one, you know, black is the color that will never go out of style. Don' t try the round ones, they will make your nose look even bigger. Hmm, I guess this is what I can tell you, good luck to you.
  • b3autifulxlies

    It is not hard for you to pick up a pair of glasses which can make your nose look smaller. Since your glasses rest on your nose, its shape and size will absolutely affect your fit and overall look. You said you have a big nose. That is ok. Try to pick up a pair of glasses which can minimize its perceived visual size. As a result, you can choose a larger and oversized glasses. What' s more, thick frames can help your nose look smaller as well, but it may make you feel a little heavy. Just remember that the size is relative, and I am sure that you can find your favourite glasses very soon.

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