What to take for eye infection?

What to eat when you have an eye infection?
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  • Savannah taylor

    Are you sure what you get is an eye infection? If you are sure of this, I suggest you to go to see an eye doctor . Actually, not every eye infection need to be cure by eye doctors because some of them can just recover themselves if you take some necessary home remedies. Use some mild eye drops, which at least can relieve your symptom. Or give your eyes a cool compress. Remember to give yourself a cool compress not a warm compress. Because in most of time, a warm compress can just add to the risk of bringing more bacteria to your eyes. It can only make things go worse.
  • Mariah ja

    As far as i know, food can't work too much about your eye infection. If you got eye infection, you shall treat your eyes with cold compress or eye drops. Just consult an eye doctor who can give you some good suggestion. Of course, to help the recovery of your eyes, you shall avoid spicy or greasy foods. And eating vegetables and fruits may help you your eyes recover.

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