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What to do when antifreeze gets in your eyes?

Just now my three- year- old daughter got antifreeze in her eyes by accident. I am so worried. What should I do now?
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  • crystalwhip

    Yeah, you should worry about that. Technically, antifreeze is made up of chemicals, which can be very harmful to people' s eyes, let alone your three- year- old daughter. If your daughter feels pain in her eyes, you should flush your daughter' s eyes with clean and running water and then take her to the hospital in no time. Children' s eyes are much more fragile than the adults' , and that is why we can' t ignore any problem of them. Anyway, I wish your daughter could recover very soon.
  • Jacqueline

    Oh, that sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? Anyway, from what I know, those chemical products are made up of chemical stuff, which could be of great irritation and danger to your eyes, giving rise to some problems and infections, and great uncomfort. Thus, it would be good for you to get some professional treatment in the hospital, rather than dealing with it yourself, but you could use plenty of normal saline to flush your eyes. And please note, never ever try to rub your eyes, no matter how it feels.
  • Brooke peters

    Well, it doesn't sound good. You need to take some measures right away before things going worse, what do you think? I guess your daughter may already get red eyes and watery eyes now. You had better take her to an eye doctor now. But if she feels painful now, you need to take some home remedies such as a cold compress on the way to the hospital. You should try that, at least it can relieve your daughter's pain. Hope this helps.

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