What to do about itchy eyes during pregnancy?

I have been pregnant for six months, and recently I have got itchy eyes. I thought this symptom would be gone in a few days but I was wrong. How to relieve itchy eyes during pregnancy?
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  • Nathan

    Well. Itchy eyes tend to worsen during your pregnancy. You should not take medicine during pregnancy. So, itchy eye can also be treated without medicines. Firstly, you can choose a soft cold cotton cloth and put it on your eyes. Meanwhile, you can wrap an ice in the cloth. This method will bring relief to itchy eyes after a few minutes. Secondly, you can rub your clean forefingers over your eyelids to promote blood circulation. Thirdly, the artificial teardrops can also be effective to treat itchy eyes.
  • evilbunny1369

    Women who are in pregnancy should pay special attention to both their physical and mental health. Anything wrong could do bad to the babies they are carrying with. Sometimes, pregnant women cannot take any pills even if they need them to get rid of some sufferings. So here comes your problem. You should not use any of your eye drops. You should find out if there are any complications with your itchy eyes, such as rhinocnesmus, sneezing, and so on, if you have these complications, then you may get allergies from something, then keep yourself from the allergic source. However, if you are lack of some microelements, such as Zinc and Vitamin A, you can also have such problems during pregnancy, and it happens to lots of pregnant women. But you should ask professional ideas from doctors for the good of your baby.
  • crazyfirekiller

    When you are pregnant, the male androgen hormones decreases. This change reduces the production of tears in your eyes. As a result, you suffer from dry eyes. Here are some home remedies for you: 1. Hot compress your eyelids to relive your itchiness. 2. Massage your eyelids to help produce more tears. 3. Put a humidifier in your house to increase the moisture in air and relieve your dryness. 4. Drip some artificial teardrops under the guide of a doctor.

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