William edward

What to buy reading glasses?

Do u guys know where I can buy good reading glasses for my papa?
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  • Isabel

    It depends on where you live. You can have a look what eyeglasses shop around you. You can search good eyeglasses shops around you at yelp.com. Then, you can decided which shop you can go for the reading glasses for your papa. Besides, you need your papa's prescription so as to get proper reading glasses for him. In common, you'd better order prescription reading glasses for him instead of some OTC reading glasses.
  • maria calderin

    You can buy reading glasses from eye doctor and eyeglasses shop. And there are OTC reading glasses and prescription reading glasses. Personally, you shall buy prescription reading glasses for your papa so as to correct his vision. So, before you buy the reading glasses, you shall first take your papa for an eye exam to get prescription. Then, order an reading glasses with the prescription from ab optician.

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