What sunglasses does jax teller wear?

I am interesting in the sunglasses that jax teller worn. Do you know what sunglasses are he worn? Where can i get it?
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Answers (2)

  • ct_exposed

    I love the handsome sunglasses that jax teller worn too. I search it online. It is said that the sunglasses are the Original KD's sunglasses. Apart from jax teller, other Sons of Anarchy club members also wear KD's sunglasses. And they look cool with the sunglasses. If you want be cool, it is a good idea to buy a pair KD's sunglasses. Good luck.
  • steven

    It is a pair of small black and cool sunglasses. They are simple design and look very common. But they are cool when you wear it. I heard it is Original KD sunglasses. But in fact, i never heard of KD sunglasses. If you love it, maybe you can try to search then through online. Or you can look for a similar black sunglasses instead.

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