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What sunglasses are best for a big nose?

My nose is kind of big and I plan to buy new sunglasses to make me look good. Does anyone know what sunglasses are suitable for people with a big nose?
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  • Jack

    Don't worry. It is not that hard to find the right sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses is a good way to flatter your face and deemphasize a certain part of your face as well, such as a big nose. Sunglasses can draw attention away forms your large nose. Speaking of which, sunglasses with a large bridge and oversized frame are better for the right fit. The big frame is very bold, and will draw attention away from your nose. Besides, oversized sunglasses are still in style and loved
  • walksonfloors

    To counteract your big nose, you can try sunglasses with large, wide frames. A pair of large and wide frame can cover your cheekbones and wrap all the way to your ears. With the contrast of your big framed sunglasses, it will make your big nose look smaller. Of course, when you choose big frames sunglasses, you need consider your face shape. Just choose sunglasses that contrast your face shape so as to get good look.

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