Minaxi Patel

What should i do if contacts won't come out?

I slept without taking my contacts out last night. And now I find that I can' t take them out. What should I do? I am sooooooooooo worried. Please help me!!!
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    Calm down, that's ok! Your contact lenses may stick to your cornea for lack of oxygen and moisture when you were sleeping. Take it easy and drip a few eye drops with moisturizing effects into your eyes, then close your eyes and let it rest for a few seconds. Next, try to remove you contact lenses carefully. Usually, it doesn't matter if you sleep without removing contact lenses for only one night. But if you still feel bad in the following hours, you must go to an oculist.
  • Riley gary

    How can you treat your own eyes like that? It is really a very bad idea to sleep with your contacts in your eyes. First of all, I think it is very necessary for you to know the bad results. Your eyes may be dehydrated coz of your forgetting to take out your contacts. Lucky for you, I guess you may just feel your eyes dry now. Ok, now, I will tell you what you should do now. Drop your eyes now and then move your eyeballs. It can help you to separate your eyes from the lenses. Then put your finger on the white of your eye and push your lens, I am sure your lens will come out immediately. If you still can't make it, then go to a clinic room now.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz

    Oh my god, that sounds terrible. Anyway, it would be bad for you to feel that way. My advice for you is not to force them out, for that would lead to some unexpected consequences, even make you go blind. What matters now is to consult a doctor and ask them for professional assistance. Try not to grab them or rub your eyes. Just be careful in the future.
  • Thomas keith

    Don't take them out yourself! You may heart your cornea. You must go to see a doctor now. Some people had experienced this before. When he took the contact lenses out, he damaged his cornea. It would take three to five days for his cornea to recover. First of all, drip some contact lenses lubricant into your eyes and try to take them out. If that doesn't work, go to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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