What safety glasses are used for?

The next Sunday is my father's birth day. My brother said that he bought a pair of safety glasses for my dad that he can wear it during work. I never heard of that. What safety glasses are used for?
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  • chris R

    Safety glasses is also called goggles. They are type of eyewear that mainly use for eye shielding. They can shield eyes from foggy, wind, sands, harsh lights, sparks etc. And there are several types of safety goggles according to their usage. Since some work or environment are dangerous to the eyes, people need safety goggles to protect their eyes or help them see things better. But you didn't remind of what kind of job your father do, so i have no idea what exactly eye protection he need. Nevertheless, In a word, the safety glasses is used for shielding eyes.
  • Yaron Cheng

    As the name implies, safety glasses is used for keep the eyes safe. That is to say, wearing safety glasses can protect the eyes when he work. But safety glasses can further classified into different type according to their usage. Anyway, since your brother have bought a pair for your father, you'd better search other products for your father's birthday gift such as wallet, sunglasses, clothes, or shoes etc.

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