What kind of glasses does Simon Baker wear?

I am a crazy fan of Simon Baker, do you guys know that if he wears glasses in his daily life? What kind of glasses does Simon Baker wear?
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  • colddaz

    Well, according to what I know, he wears glasses just for his nearsightedness. And his glasses are quite normal, nothing special. But I have to admit that his glasses are still fashionable, as you know, big black glasses will never go out of style. So you can totally buy a similar pair in the store or online. However, you had better take one thing into your consideration, that is, do you think your face shape can fit this kind of glasses?
  • b3aut1fl_d1zast

    Simon Baker is handsome and I also like him. Sometimes, he wears a pair of sunglasses. From the pictures, I found that he seldom wear glasses. I think he not wear glasses in his daily life. However, celebrities have to wear sunglasses. He wears Oliver Peoples in necessity. This kind of sunglasses can be bought on online shopping. You can check it on the website. Thanks.
  • hand_in__hand

    He wears Oliver Peoples. Oliver Peoples is an American luxury eyewear brand which leads the trend when the big companies have monopoly on eyewear market. It is established by a small handmade eyewear company in Los Angeles in 1986 by two brothers, Larry Leight and Dennis Leight. Larry Leight started his legendary business life with 7000 dollars.

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