What is the best site to buy contact lenses?

I am a constantly contacts wearer. I want to buy some contact lenses at cheap price. Do you have any good idea or suggestion? Where can i go for cheap but good contact lenses?
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  • eduardoroxmisox

    Hi, it is a good idea to buy cheap but good contact lenses online. And there are many online shop that provide contact lenses. Among them, i heard that lenscrafters.com is a good place to go. Besides, other online shop such as 1800contacts.com and walgreens.com also provide good contact lenses at reasonable price. Hope this can help you.
  • walkingalone00

    Personally, chronic wearing contact lenses is not good for the eyes. Because wearing contact lenses may cause scratches of your cornea. Also, it is possible to cause eye infection if you not clean your contacts properly. In addition, if you often use computer, wearing contact lenses can cause dry eyes. So, may you try some eyeglasses sometimes. Anyway, if you want to buy contact lenses, you can have a look at lenscrafters or Walmart.

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