What is the best color contacts for olive skin?

I plan to buy contacts tomorrow. But I am not sure what the best color is to suit my olive skin. By the way, I am a girl.
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  • Mackenzie rose

    To be honest, olive skin is dark. So you should go for bright color contacts. Green is the best choice for you and make your eyes shine. Meanwhile, do not wear green makeup with green contacts or it will dull your eyes. Other colors such as honey, hazel and navy blue contacts also look fantastics. Moreover, An autumn color looks great and it will give your eyes a sexy look. However, shades of blue should be avoided. Contacts that have three rich shades blended together is great for all skin colours.
  • Brian Clem

    To be honest, I have never seen people with olive skin. You must look very special,huh? So I guess the dark color contacts must suit your skin a lot. What do you think of green and brown? I think they may suit you. Because those dark color can match your dark skin in a good way. Actually, you really don' t need to worry too much about this coz I think contacts are small and no matter what color you choose, it will be difficult to tell coz of your skin color. None offense, just my personal opinion.
  • Geoff

    Olive is actually some kind of dark color. So the best color of contact lenses you should choose is the green lenses. Green contact lenses are the most suitable for you if you also have brown hair. And it would be perfect if you wear warm color eye shadow and pink or orange lipstick. In addition, you may look good with contact lenses in brown, too, because brown lenses can almost go with all kind of skin colors.
  • handxrxtied

    Ok, I quite admire you for your olive skin, that is so sexy. Anyway, I think there are several colors that would go with your skintone. Such as blue contact lenses, or green contact lenses, both of them would make you appear more attractive and amazing, just like an exotic guy. Also, you could pay more attention to what you wear and other accessories.

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