What is good for black under eyes?

What is good for black eyes?
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  • eiri_des

    You mean dark circles? In terms of this, I think you really need enough sleep. Sleep is very important for your dark circles. It is known to all that dark circles are usually caused by a lack of sleep. And that is why we are always told that to early bed, early rise. Because both our eyes and our brain need enough rest every day. If we don' t get enough sleep every day, they will not function as well as usual. It is a very common sense, and I think you can understand this easily. Besides, you can also try some cool compress under your eyes or wear some kind os special eye masks. Anyway, I wish you could recover very soon.
  • Colleen

    Personally, I like using cucumber to remove my dark circles, how about your having a try? But you can' t let cucumber slices stay under your eyes for too long or the skin under your eyes may get dehydrated. If you don' t like put vegetables on your eyes, you can also use milk to replace it. Trust me, both safe and useful. But of course, getting enough sleep is the most important, lol.

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