What happens when you overuse eye drops?

I have had an itchy eye since the day before yesterday, and I have found that eye drops can relieve my itchy eye so I keep using them once in a while. Will it be harmful to my eyes? Thanks!
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  • walkingalone123

    It is necessary for you to use eye drops when you get itchy eyes. But do not use drops too much. And when your eyes are getting better, you should reduce the using of drops day by day. Then when your eyes are all good, it is time for you to stop using eye drops. Do not keep using drops just because they make your eyes feel good for you can catch dependency on drops. And the drops you are using for itchy eyes consist antibiotics, which are using againt bacterial infection of eyes. Therefore, if you use too much of this kind of drops, the strain environment of your eyes will get changed, which is actually bad for your eyes.
  • walkingwolf2004

    Oh, would you please stop doing that, because that is quite dangerous and harmful to your eyes. As you can see, eye drops is drug, and drug is drug, they would have some negative impacts on your eyes, so you should not get addicted to them. Itchy eyes are a symptom of eye problem. It might be resulted from allergies or conjunctivities, I suggest that you try to go for an eye test and take actions accordingly.
  • evelyn

    It depends on the composition of the eyedrop which you use. If you are using artificial tears which resemble natural tears, you can use it as long as you feel like needing so. If not, you had better pay attention to the dose, as they will cause rebound redness as a side effect of overdose.

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