what happens when you get food coloring in your eye?

What can I do if I get food coloring in my eye? Will I go blind? I am really so worried about this.
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  • Jade scott

    Though food coloring is safe to eat, it may not be properly balanced to avoid irritation or causing infection in your eyes. But do not be so worried about going blind if this does happen. Use some clean water to wash eyes for a while. The coloring will come right back out with your tears and be washed away quickly. If you still have watery painful eyes then, I advise you to go to an eye doctor then.
  • Gregory A Meetze

    All right, how careless you are I must say. Anyway, food coloring is a highly irritative product which might give rise to great painful feelings and even infections. So, you should pay great attention to the problem. My advice for you is to wash your eyes with plenty of normal saline, that would disinfect. Then you should get eye drops to heal it. Afterwards, just take more rest and protect your eyes from this point on. If the situation is pretty bad, just go and visit a doctor.
  • handsomemansclu

    At least it is no good. And I will never let that kind of thing happen to me or people surround me. However, when you meet this by accident, you had better force yourself to cry with tears, because tears can help you to flush the food coloring out. And then you need to flush your eyes with claen running water. Don' t think that it will be fine if you just leave the food coloring in your eyes. Let me tell you what will happen, your eyes will get an eye infection and even something worse.

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