William clive

What happens when contacts freeze?

I need some help,guys!!!What can I do when my contacts freeze???
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Answers (2)

  • Jose joyce

    It is not a good situation.After you defrost your contacts,They will easily change their shapes.What is worse,they will also be easily broken.Do not put your contacts in hot water,which will be a very silly way to defrost.And after that,you may get an eye infection if you wear your contacts in hot water.You had better put your frozen contacts in the room.They will defrost themselves.But don't forget one thing.You should wash your contacts with contact solution before you wear them.If you find your contacts already change its shape,you can just give up and buy a new pair.Anyway,good luck to you!
  • colourmevintage

    You had better get new ones.However,if you really want to have a shot,you should place them under the room temperature.After they thaw out,you can wear them for a few min.Even if you feel a little uncomfortable,you should take them off right away.That means you need to buy a new pair.But I guess they may be fine.For your own sake,why not buy a new pair?At least you don't need to worry such questions as if they will hurt your eyes in the future and so on.

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