Isabelle duncan

What happens if i put my contact lens in backwards?

I have been wearing contacts for years, but I never know What happens if i put my contact lens inside out. Will I go blind if I do that?
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  • Desiree

    If you put the contact lenses backwards inside your eyes, your eyes may feel not comfortable, What is worse, your eyes may get watery with no control. At the same time, your eyes may get red because of friction. If you keep on doing so, you may get blind because of the damage at the cornea. You should correct it and wear the contact lenses in the right way which is so important for your eyes.
  • Mya baker

    As the improper eye location and possible irritation of inside-out contacts, it is wise for us to fully understand how to tell the differences of a normal contact and a inside out contact, especially for newcomers to contact lenses. At first, if the contact lens is inside-out, we will feel a bit discomfort. In other words, when you feel the best, they may be fitted properly onto your eyes, and then give the best vision. Secondly, before you place the lenses onto your eyes, you can observe the half circle of the contacts holding the bottom curve of them on your finger. Without any edges sticking out the half circle, you can assume that they are normal contacts, or they are inside-our contacts afterwards. Careful and regular cleaning and disinfecting are essential. According to your condition, you may never flipped them out as you do not suffer a constant slide of contacts and feel the irritation of lids.

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