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What glasses frames suit women with big noses?

What are suitable glasses frames for women with big noses? I try to make my nose look small.
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  • Jordyn

    People always try different things on them to make them look better than they do. But the important thing is that you choose the right thing, if not, you can also make it works in an exactly opposite way, which makes you look stupid. It is a same thing when it comes to how to choose a proper pair of glasses for yourself. You have to choose glasses according to the shape of your face, your nose, your eyes, and so on. Since you have a big nose, you had better not choose glasses with thin frames, because thin frames will highlight your nose which makes your nose look even bigger. In order to make your nose look a little bit smaller, you can choose glasses with thick frames. If you have a well shaped face, the shapes of glasses will not matter much as long as the glasses are with thick frames. But you should not wear frames of bright colors, because that will also highlight your nose.
  • b0wfing3r

    Big frame eyeglasses are best suited to the big noses by getting other people's vision muddled. In addition, in order to compensate for the negative effect of face defect, larger lenses can also help to confuse the eye as your lenses are so salient that onlookers can only see your sunglasses, other than your big nose. In short, all our efforts is to balance our face shape. To minimize a large nose a wider and low set bridge seems great. Well, it is wise for you to try on eyeglasses on the store. It is worth mentioning that you need consider about the combination of aesthetic patterning and reasonable color mixture. By the way, you need to choose a frame with the same width as your jaw line once you have a triangle or pear face shape.

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