What face shape do aviator sunglasses look good on?

I intend to buy a pair of sunglasses for my boyfriend. And he loves aviator sunglasses a lot. But I am not sure if his face shape can look good with them. What face shape do aviator sunglasses look good on?
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  • green

    According to what I know, this type of sunglasses can look good nearly on everyone. However, if you have long faces, then I really don' t suggest you to take them. We all know that aviator sunglasses can look good both on men and women. But I still want to remind you that you should be careful when choosing frame color, you had better choose your frame color according to your skin color and your hair color, which are very important for you to decide if you can look good in your aviator sunglasses.
  • David garcia

    Once you pick a right pair for your boy friend's face shape, your boy friend can actually rock any style of sunglasses including aviator, wayfarer, oversize or cat-eye. In general, aviators with the curved lenses and the linear brow bar never fail to flatter most faces, such as round, square and oval faces. Furthermore, those with egg-shaped lenses help immensely to offset a strong jaw or the pointy chin and complete an outfit better by adding additional width to the face. What is more, rectangular lenses can suit those with round faces. By the way, if you pay more attention on the fitting match, you can ask for some seven days' approval glasses at online store.
  • hands_down360

    Aviator glasses??? My favourite!!! I just think they look good on everyone. However, if you really want to follow some suggestions, I think I can give you a hand. You had better avoid wearing them if you have rather a long face coz glasses like that will just make your face look even longer. I say it from the bottom of my heart. Besides, you should pick up the right color of the frame according to the color of your hair and your skin. This is all I can suggest.

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