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What effect wearing 'blue blocker' sunglasses have?

What effect wearing 'blue blocker' sunglasses have?Do u guys know about that?
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  • Cassidy

    Well,it is not only functional but also sometimes harmful.And I guess that is why people often say that every coin has two sides.I think this is the same.Actually blue lenses r good for ur vision when ur eyes r suffering from the damage of blue light.U need to keep this in mind.Don't u know that blue light can make ur eyes quite sensitive and what is even worse,u may even get watery eyes because of this.
  • tuener

    Blue blocker sunglasses are good to shield the eyes. They are not only protect the eyes from UV rays, but also notably cutting glare and enhancing contrast. Also, blue blocker also work for protecting the eyes from glares and filtering the short-to-medium wavelengths of the visible spectrum (blue-green-yellow). So, they can provide you comfortable vision by wearing them. If you want to shield your eyes, blue blocker are considered idea choice.

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