What does your left eye twitching mean superstition?

My eyes often twitch recently. I am curious about the left eye twitching mean in superstition? Does anyone know?

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  • Samuel rodney

    There are several versions of superstition about left eye twitching. In Chinese, people believe that left eye twitching is a sign of good fortune. But on the contrary, India people think that left eye twitching is inauspicious. But in Hawaii, people think that left eye twitching is a sign of arrival of a stranger. But in fact, eye twitching is caused by tiredness, allergies, alcohol, eye strain or nutritional imbalance etc. So, if you often get eye twitching, you'd better see a doctor for the sake of your health.
  • evilbunny1369

    Yeah, it is an interesting topic. I would love to solve it for you. About left eye twitching, there are many versions of superstition. They just vary in various countries. In China, it means impending good fortune. So if you get a twitch in your left eye, that means you will have a good luck or even a major gold rush. However, in India, the meaning is opposite. If your left eye twitches, it is very inauspicious. In parts of Africa, they also take it as a bad sign. In Hawaii, it is a signal of the arrival of a stranger, and sometimes the stranger refers to the new birth of a baby.

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