Luke oliver

What does wayfarer glasses mean?

I overheard people talking about wayfarer glasses this morning,what does that mean?
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  • Melissa

    Well,in terms of this,I think I may do u a favor.I love this style a lot and I would love to recommend this style to u.U will not regret to have them.First of all,u need to know that in most cases wayfarer glasses r used when traveling.This kind of glasses is very sturdy and stable so u don't need to worry if they will fall down when u r doing some fierce sports.However,if u really want to get them for that purpose,then I will strongly suggest u to get a pair of wayfarer sunglasses,what do u think?
  • crazyuglycoyote

    What?R u kidding me?U mean u don't know what wayfarer glasses r?They r such cute things!They r very famous for their cute and unique style.Besides,they r also very comfortable to wear especially when u go out.Personally,I think wayfarer glasses can be not that useful especially look really cool.Anyway,u can decide this urself whether u want to get a pair.By the way,if u already make up ur mind to get a pair of wayfarer glasses,I would love to recommend rayban to u.I think this type is really very good.

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