Johnny W.

What does pd stand for in eyeglass prescription?

I wonder what what pd stands for in glasses? Any idea?
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  • Lainey

    The PD stands for pupillary distance. It is a distance between the pupil in your two eyes. And people usually use millimeters to measure the distance. For adult, the PD usually differs from 54mm to 74mm to each person. Still some people may see PD right as "62/59" It just stands for your far PD and near PD. Usually, the 62 stands for far PD and 59 stands for near PD. Also, you can also find some doctor write it as "31/31.5", it represents your right PD and left PD respectively. And right PD is the distance from the center of your nose to right pupil center. And the left PD is the distance from the center of your nose to left pupil center. And this PD is required when you buy new eyeglasses.
  • Logan hall

    PD, also called pupillary distance, is the distance between the pupil of your right eye and the pupil of your left eye. Everyone has different PD. PD is a must for eyeglasses prescription. A proper measurement of a PD ensures that the lenses are ositioned correctly in relation to the pupil centers. Glasses with wrong PD will cause some problems, such as eye strain. Btw, A adult have stable PD, does not change.

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