Jack percy

What do the red lines in your eyes mean?

This morning when I looked into the mirror, I found that I got a lot of red lines in my eyes? Am I getting a serious disease? What does that mean?
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  • comingourloud

    First, you should calm down yourself, dear. Red lines can mean a lot, although they have nothing to do with health, they may not indicate very bad situation. In most cases, red lines mean that you don' t get enough sleep. Because your vessels will be filled with blood when you lack sleep. But in other cases, they may be caused by some type of drug or just lacking of oxygen. If you still worry about this, you can go to consult a doctor, and I am sure that you will get a professional answer and solution. Just relax, everything will be fine.
  • george

    It is hard to tell the reason. You know, there are a lot of reasons causing red lines, such as lacking sleep, drug use and a lack of oxygen. Try Clearine eye drops, which can help reduce the redness. By the way, the weather and the environment can also be the factors that make you get red lines in your eyes. Honestly, there are some basic ways for you. Such as get enough sleep, drink enough water and quit drinking and smoking. A good living habit can lead to a healthy body. If all those fail to work, you can use eye drops.

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