What do i do if i get toothpaste in my eye ?

This morning, I got a little toothpaste in my eye, now my eye hurts a lot. What can I do?
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  • handshakedevon

    Oh, that doesn' t sound good, friend. I think you had better wash your eye with clean water right now. If you begin to feel painful now. It means that the irritation is invading your eye. Try and see whether the clean water can relieve your pain. If this failed, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. Do not rub your eyes, which will only make things worse. Usually, this painful situation will be gone in a few min after you use clean water to wash your eye. Don' t be scared, everything will be fine finally.
  • elderoo

    Don' t panic, it is fine. Just try to flush it out with clean water. I guess your so called eye pain may be a feeling of burning. Am I right? Actually you should feel lucky that you just get toothpaste in your eyes instead of shampoo. Shampoo in your eyes will make you want to cry out. But this hurt feeling lasts for too long, you had better go to the doctor.

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