What do i do if i get rubbing alcohol in my eye?

I got rubbing alcohol in my eye by accident.What can I do to deal with this?I feel so uncomfortable now.I need help!!!
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  • elstrider

    I am so sorry to hear that.It must be very painful,isn't it?If you just get a little alcohol in your eye,then you can wash it with clean water.It will not do much harm to you and you will recover very soon.After washing your eye,you can use some mild eye drops.That can help you release your eyes.However,if you get a lot of alcohol in your eye,you must go to the hospital at once or you may get an eye infection.Do not rub your eyes no matter how uncomfortable you feel.I wish you could recover soon,guy!
  • Andrea lester

    Don't panic first!You should flush your eyes with clean water right away.By the way,use cold water instead of warm water.Please don't rub your eyes while washing,because you will make things worse if you do that.You know,alcohol is very caustic and irritating,you have to flush it out as soon as possible.Use the running water while you are flushing and keep this process for 15min.If you still feel your eyes burning,you should go to the doctor in no time.I wish this could help you.

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