What contacts does Megan Fox wear?

I think Megan has very beautiful eyes, especially when I saw her in the mv love the way you lie. Does she wear any contacts? What contacts does she wear?
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  • Trinity

    I know she wears contacts in some of her movies. But I really don' t think she needs to. She originally gets very beautiful big blue eyes. If you once saw her real eyes, you will find that she really owns such beautiful and deep eyes, lol. Besides, I think she is also a huge fan of sunglasses. She was spotted a lot of times that she wore sunglasses. I still remembered that she was once regarded as one of the hottest women in the world.
  • Caitlin owen

    well, the actresses usually use colored contacts for theatrical use, award party or other shows in order to make them look gorgeous. If you observe their public posters, flyers or leaflets carefully, you can find the contacts easily. Wearing colored contacts or other sorts of contacts will leave transparent margins around their irises. Besides, the real eyes color of Megan Fox are dark hazel or dark brown, while her mostly seen fake eyes color is natural huge baby blue. Such kind of colored contacts can be found on numerous online contact stores. They are not very expensive. But you need to compare the prices with the stores and then consult with the optician for some individual advises.

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