what color tint is best for sunglasses

I want to buy a pair of tinted sunglasses with prescription lenses. What color tint should i choose? Is purple colored tinted good?
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  • Nicholas carter

    Purple color tinted lenses look cool and wonderful. But i don't it is a good choice. They are very goof for the eyes. In fact, you can choose grey colored tint to your prescription lenses. Most of people think grey tinted lenses are good for the eyes because it is a popular neutral tint. They can allow the eyes to perceive colors in their purest form. They are idea choice for people who like outdoor sports activities such as golf or running etc.
  • Nathan

    Yes, you can buy prescription tinted sunglasses. And also, purple tinted lenses are available. Personally, you'd better not buy purple colored lenses for the sake of your eye health. You can consider to buy amber or brown color tint for your sunglasses. The tint can help you reduce glare and block blue light. They are good to wear for visual acuity and help you see better in green and blue backgrounds such as grass and sky etc.

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