What color contacts does Nicki Minaj wear?

I like Nicki Minaj a lot, do you guys know what color contacts Nicki Minaj usually wears?
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  • walker

    I always think that her eyes look like dolls' very much. i am sure that she must wear colored contacts very often. Do you think so? I bet there are colored contacts everywhere, you don' t need to buy colored contacts of big brands, you also might as well choose them online, as you know, there are several good websites that can offer you nice colored contacts of super quality such as amazon, alibaba and so on. Or you can just go to a local optical store to have a look. I really wish this could help.
  • bell

    Well, as a rap singer, she is quite fashionable and popular. I am sure that she' s got several kinds of contacts. Although I don' t know what is her original eye color, but I have seen her both with brown eyes and grey eyes. I guess it may be one of her original color, lol. But if you want to make your eyes look like her, I think it is easy. You can just buy some colored comtacts. But I don' t really recommend you to do so coz that may do harm to your eyes. Anyway, it is your choice.

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