What causes swollen eyes in infants?

Please help me! My three months old baby has got swollen eyes these days, what should I do? It is my first time to be a mommy.
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  • emmie18

    OK, calm down. Let me see. Well, according to what I know, the reason why your baby has such problem might be resulted from the following causes, such as blocked tear ducts, allergic reactions, or stye, etc. You just have to make sure he sleeps well and eat well, and avoid being careless. I recommend that you take the baby to visit an eye doctor and do an eye checkup to see what to do next!
  • cutechaldochick

    First you have to make sure what has caused your baby's swollen eyes, and whether he/she feels painful. Painful swollen eyes can be caused by infections, conjunctivitis, orbital cellulitis and etc., and non-painful swollen eyes can be caused by allergies, sinuses, and etc. As the cause and sympton varies, You have to ask for a doctor's advice and had better choose to seek medical attention since your baby is very young and tender. Before going to the doctor, the first thing you can do is avoid touching or rubbing of your baby's swollen eyes either by you or by your baby itself.
  • Jordyn adams

    Baby get swollen eyes may because of bad sleep during the night, does it cry at night? Or it has an inappropriate sleeping position? Of cause, it relates to drink water. Some children are drinking lots of water before going to bed, so the morning eye to swell phenomenon occurs, it will eliminate during the day itself in most time. In these situations eyes are normal, so if you clearly it is due to these cause swelling around the eyes, don't worry. But if not, it may relate to Kidney disease in children, and then parents should take the child to the hospital to check, to confirm whether for nephropathy in children.

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