Jeff N

What causes sudden temporary blurry vision in both eyes?

Sometimes, my vision is blurry temporarily. Does anyone know the causes of sudden blurry vision in both eyes?
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  • Hunter rose

    Don' t be nervous, it is no big deal. You know, when you sleep, some parts of your body will be in dormancy position, so are your eyes. And in other cases, this situation will happen when you are really very tired from your work or just after doing a lot of things. But I don' t exclude other cases, such as your having eye diseases. Some of the eye diseases also will lead to this situation, such as glaucoma, vitreoretinopathy, cataract and so on. If this happens too often, I think you should go to see a doctor. Don' t panic, things will get better.
  • cun_yin

    First, you should know that this phenomenon is the loss of sharpness of vision, which make people fail to see small details. In terms of me, no matter how tiny your problem is, vision problem should never be ignored. However, if this situation don' t happen very often, the causes of blurred vision might be fatigue, overexposure to the outdoors and taking too many medications. You have to know that some medications can also affect the vision, they include high blood pressure pills, medications for malaria, and many others. I wish these information can give you some help you need.

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