What causes excessive eye blinking in adults?

From yesterday, my eyes blink too much. What are the causes of constant eye blinking in adults? How to deal with it?
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    In terms of your situation, I guess that it may be caused by viruses, infection, bacteria and so on. And there may be another reason for your blinking so constantly. I mean hyperactivity. It is a suddenly involuntary contraction movement. Besides, neurological blink may be the reason, too. Try to relax yourself, the situation may be gone. How about taking a deep breath or doing something else to transfer your attention. A lot of people try this way. By the way, if you have dry eyes, you will also keep blinking, but you can use some mild eye drops to release it. Certain medication will make that happen, too. For example, Ritalin, it will cause side effects, including blinking constantly. Just relax and transfer your attention or go to see a doctor, I am sure you will feel better very soon.
  • Ethan edward

    There are so many things that can cause the excessive eye blinking. And the most common reason is dry eyes. And, dry eyes can also lead to burning and itchy feeling. So, you can check yourself if you feel burning, itchy in your eyes. If so, it should be dry eyes. Just use some eye drops. If not, you shall also check if there any foreign object in your eyes that may also lead to excessive eye blinking. Besides, brain disorders, absence seizures, anxiety and eyesight problems can also be the reason of excessive eye blinking.

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