Mackenzie rose

What causes contact lenses to fog up?

Sometimes my contacts will fog up for no reason. Why does that happen? Does that mean that I should change my contacts?
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  • Josh

    Actually, this phenomenon can be caused by a couple of reasons. For example, if your lenses are expired, then it will be common that your contacts get foggy usually. In other cases, if you have heavy depositer, that will happen as well. By the way, have you ever felt any uncomfortable feelings when you are wearing your contacts? If you do, then I think you had better change your contacts or just quit wearing them.
  • Barry

    Well, I think it may be coz that your eyes are too dry or your lenses get broken. Maybe you should just change another pair of contacts, and if this still bothers you. I think you should go to see a doctor. However, I this is caused by your dry eyes, then you may use some eye drops to relieve this situation. Anyway, I wish you could feel better soon.
  • James green

    Foggy contact lenses can be caused by several different reasons. The most common cause of foggy contact lenses is the buildup of protein on the surface of the lenses. There are protein and oils in your tears and they can protect your eyes from foreign body in your eyes. Secondly, foggy contact lenses may result from dry eyes. In addition, this is usually caused by broken contact lenses or scratched lenses. From the analysis above, the first thing you will look over your contact lenses and you should not change your contact lenses.
  • Zachary eddy

    Generally speaking, if your contacts always fog up for no reasons for a while, it probably means that you need to change your contacts and go to get a new pair of contacts. However, there are also some other reasons that may cause your contacts fog up. For example, if you keep wearing your contacts for more than ten hours, your contacts will get dried up and at this time, your contacts will also fog up. Under this circumstance, if you use some eye drops, you may feel better. For another, if the time interval between you take off your contacts to moisten them at the first day and you put them on the next day is less than nine hours, your contacts may also fog up while you are wearing them.

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