What causes calcium deposits in eyelid?

I have got calcium deposits in eyelid recently,why?

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  • covenmasters

    First of all,you should make it clear that where calcium deposits usually locates in,such as cornea, conjunctiva and retina.Actually,the most common location for calcium deposits is cornea.Excess calcium levels can produce calcium deposits and then this substance will be delivered to the blood vessels in the eyes.That is why your eyes are easy to get watery,sore and red.You need to go to the doctor for some professional advice.
  • Trinity rose

    Have you ever taken medicine recently?According to I,calcium deposits can be caused by medicine.In most cases,they will not cause problems,so you don't need to worry too much about that.However,if your calcium deposits grow bigger or get your eyes hurt,you should go to the doctor.I guess you try to figure out a way to remove your calcium deposits in your eyes.Usually the doctor will give you some eye drops to solve them,but they will not just disappear in one day or two.You need to be patient.

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