What can you do for watery eyes?

Are there any good home remedies for watery eyes?
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  • Connor nelson

    Well, may I know that if you keep pets home? I mean, as you may know, a lot of people are allergic to pets and that is why they get watery eyes sometimes for no reason. Maybe they just don' t know the reason. Besides, watery eyes are usually caused by allergies, foreign objects and maybe a cold sometimes. What a teasing, sometimes even dry eyes can also cause watery eyes, lol. Since we already know the possible reasons, we need to take measures. Of course we only know what kind of treatments we need only when we know what causes our watery eyes. Maybe you still go to an eye doctor. Is this helpful?
  • ejg29

    There are many causes of watery eyes. Commonly, Blepharitis, foreign bodies, allergies and conjunctivitis can be the causes of watery eyes. If you want to treat watery eyes, knowing the causes can help you save the time and money. So, you are suggested to see a doctor and find the causes of watery eyes on you. Then, using some Artificial tears and Over The Counter medicine that may help you.

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