Geoff Beckett

What Brand of designer glasses does Graham Elliot from master chef wear?

I am very eager to know the brand of Graham Elliot glasses?Does anyone know about this?
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Answers (2)

  • b3phoenix

    I am not sure about it. From the appearance, i think it is Foster Grants. But there are many similar styles on the market, so, i am not sure if the eyeglasses that he wear is Foster Grants. Anyway, personally, the Foster Grant is best to provide the eyeglasses though there are a lot of other brands that provide similar styles. You have a try. Good luck.
  • croatia_diary

    I think it probably be Foster Grants and this brand is not very expensive.But I can also tell u that they r also not cheap.Yes,I agree that this type of glasses r very special and u will be amazed if u see people around u wear them.U can also find this type on amazon,ebay and some other online optical stores.However,personally,I strongly suggest u to get them on amazon.After all,amazon is very safe.

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