What brand are Woody Allen's glasses?

Who knows the brand of Woody Allen' s? Are they expensive? How can I get a similar pair?
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  • Ariana kirk

    Well, first, you should know that they are Ray- Ban wayfarers which woody allen has worn. And also, it is a kind of frame which is called BeBops. Generally speaking, for ray ban wayfarer, you may know that it has been in circulation for over 5decades, and has become a classic of modern design and one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century. By wearing them, it will just make you look cool and attractive. Also, what is more, it can just protect your eyes from harmful rays carefully. By the way, they are lightweight and can be very convenient to wear. To buy it, you can just link to the websites at
  • Kelsey McNew

    Hmm, let me see. His glasses seem to be a black rimmed frame. Also kind of vintage. I have to admit that he really has a good taste of choosing glasses. You know, he is known to people all over the world, so there is no doubt that his everything will be noticed by people. I think you can get them either online or in an optical store, but you should know that it must be expensive. Don' t worry, you can also choose a similar pair on ebay, I guess it may be cheaper.

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