What best eyeglasses are for petite women?

What is the best eyeglasses for petite women? I want to send one pair to my girlfriend.
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  • misty C.

    Synthesizing the effects of purse, jewelry, belts, eyewear, shoes or even hats, we can enhance petite women's fashion style and build a gorgerous image. When it comes to can accessories, we are usually associated with necklace, earrings, a watch, hair or glasses, etc. We need to abide by the unwritten rule that we need no more than three accessories in our body, especially for the petite women. Necklaces, sunglasses and earrings should to chosen to draw attention to our face and chest. In short, you need to achieve balance. I mean, you need to choose the frames which is the same the face when you have a square or round face so that you can appear longer, while choose narrower frames to the wide face. Remember not to overwhelm the body.
  • Susan

    I can venture to have a guess that your girlfriend must be very cute. Since your girlfriend is petite, I guess that she also has a small pretty face. Then it is much easier for you to pick up glasses for her, because girls with small faces look good almost in every kind of glasses. If you want your girlfriend to look more ladylike, you can buy her a pair of glasses with small frames. And if you want your girlfriend to look cuter, you can buy her a pair of glasses with big frames. And you can also buy her a pair of Halle Berry, because they are quite trendy this year. However, there is another thing you should care about when you are buying glasses for her. The thing is her hair style. Girls care much about their hair styles. If you buy her glasses that do not go with her hair style, she may also be upset.

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