What are trendy sunglasses for men 2013?

What are the best sunglasses for men 2013? Any recommendation?
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  • Zachary garcia

    I would love to answer these questions for you. I am also a fashion fan. I think I can give you some suggestion in choosing the best sunglasses. Ray-Ban Men' s sunglasses are very popular this year. I don' t know whether you have noticed that or not, even a lot of movie stars also wear them. President Barack Obama has been seen wearing a pair of Ray-Bans in Washington DC. It seems that he has made the Ray-Ban brand his personal choice when it comes to sunglasses. And this kind of sunglasses have been trendy for many years. I recommend you this because they are my favourite. However, you can also go to a eyewear store to choose, after all, you can try them on there.
  • Jen

    Hmm, spoke of the trendy sunglasses for men 2013, I strongly you refer to the fashion magazines, which always contain various fashionable and hot sunglasses. Of course most of them are of famous brands. But I guess they will not let you down. How about Dior? They are quite brief from the top to the toe, brief frame and simple lenses. But once you wear them, You will stand out immediately. Ray-Ban Sunglasses are also nice choice. And they will make you look more masculine, lol. But both of them are quite expensive. Or you can also go to the mall. There are a lot of good eyewear shops, too. And you can take your time to pick the most suitable ones.

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