What are the most durable glasses frames?

I have already broke 3 pairs of eyeglasses in a year. And i really tired of buying eyeglasses. Now, i am looking for some very durable eyeglasses frames. Do you have any good idea? What are the best durable eyeglasses for me?
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  • Colleen

    I am sorry to heard that you broke 3 pairs of eyeglasses. Personally, you can try titanium eyeglasses frames. They are considered the most durable eyeglasses frame. Besides, they are light weight that can give you comfortable wearing. Also, they are bendable and can return it's original shape. So, i believe they may have a longer life for you.
  • Jordyn carter

    When it refers to durable eyeglasses frames, i have to say that titanium eyeglasses frame, memory plastic and memory metal eyeglasses frame are good choices. They are good eyeglasses frame with the features of lightweight, durable and bendable etc. Nevertheless, you still need take care of your eyeglasses, or they may be broken or out of shape.

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