Shelby rodney

What are the best sunglasses for high cheekbones?

Next Tuesday is my sis' s birthday. And I plan to buy her sunglasses. But I don' t know what kind of sunglasses suit her high cheekbones? I need some suggestions here.
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  • Hunter

    If you want to buy a pair of proper sunglasses, you should not only know the shape of cheekbones, but also find what kind of face shape your sister has. High cheekbone refers to the pronounced zygomatic bones in the front of the face. Most of people with high cheekbones are oval faces. So choosing sunglasses that are square and rectangle shape can make her face look remarkable. The curved lines are visualized through contrasting square or rectangle frames and oval face. Furthermore, horizontal lines will widen her face and the frames will help balance a high cheekbone. Thanks.
  • waldron143

    Well. If you do have high cheekbones, you had better avoid wearing big sunglasses. You know why? Coz if you wear that kind of sunglasses, the whole sunglasses will totally stay on your cheeks which will make you look silly. And you had better choose light colored sunglasses coz they will not make your cheeks look so high. I suggest you to buy them online or in an eyewear store. Besides, there are some brands that I can recommend to you, such as Dior, Ray Ban and so on. In terms of me, I love their design and their quality very much. But I have to admit that they are truly very expensive. Or you can also choose one pair on firmoo. My sis is a huge fan of firmoo. Anyway, I wish this could help you.
  • Zoe

    Hmm, at least there is one thing I can be sure of, that is, you should not choose sunglasses with big pads, coz that will only make you look silly. You know, it seems like the sunglasses are just resting on your cheeks. My advice is that you had better choose sunglasses with small frames and small pads. I strongly recommend you to wear oval and rimless frames, they can set off your cheeks to be smaller, trust me. Or, if you are a fashionable guy, you can also choose to buy a pair of heart shaped sunglasses, which will make you look totally cool. I hope this works.
  • Caroline

    If you really want to surprise your sister on her birthday with sunglasses, you'd better find the ones that suit her perfectly. Some people say that black framed sunglasses can make people with high cheekbones look good. Well, that is true. But that is not the key point. What really matters so much for people with high cheekbones is the size and shape of the lens. Generally, sunglasses with big and wide lenses can cover the high cheekbones, at the mean time, they can also modify the shape of the face in some way.
  • enternalhate

    Ok, high cheekbones, sexy. Anyway, as you have asked, what type of sunglasses would be find with your facial structure. According to what have got, I think aviator or nerd sunglasses would be ok with you, take a look at uma therman, she is just your type of face. Don't worry, try to visit Walmart vision store and find a pair you like.

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