Sue Livingston

What are the best sunglasses for fishing?

I like fishing. But the glares on the water surface hurt my eyes. What should i do to help my eyes? Or what sunglasses should i consider to wear when i fish?
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  • Danielle lewis

    When it refers to sunglasses for fishing, Polarized sunglasses are the best choices. Compared common sunglasses, polarized can not only prevent sunlight, they can also reduce glares when the sunshine reflect from water surface. So, wearing the sunglasses, you can see thing under the water more clearly so as to help you catch more fish. So, buy a pair of polarized sunglasses may help you.
  • Gail

    If you want to shield your eyes when you fish, you can consider t by a luxury, polarized sunglasses. The sunglasses can protect your eyes from the glares on the water surface. Besides, they can also give your a very cool look. I have a friend who is very fond of fishing. And he have a pair of sunglasses called Maui Jim Waimea Canyon. It looks cool. And he said that the sunglasses are very comfortable to wear. Perhaps you can have a try.

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