What are the best looking maui jim sunglasses?

I like maui jim sunglasses and plan to buy a pair. However, there are many maui jim sunglasses in different style. Do you have any recommendation? What type of maui jim sunglasses is best for match a round face?
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  • Maye

    It is really difficult to tell the best pair of maui jim sunglasses. First, you shall know what you want out of your sunglasses. If you want to be cool, many black and big lenses sunglasses can give you. If you just love maui jim sunglasses, buying any pair of maui jim sunglasses can satisfy you. If you want to protect your eyes, you shall make sure what eye protection you want. If you just want to shield eyes from UV rays, I believe any pair of maui jim sunglasses can prevent UV rays. If you want to reduce glares, you shall seek maui jim sunglasses with polarized lenses. Hope this can help you.
  • castro_jan

    The best maui jim sunglasses depends on each person since people have different opinion on the sunglasses. Personally, Maui Jim Pau Hana Sunglasses are the best pair because they can match my face perfectly. My friend said it make me look more attracting. But i am not sure if this sunglasses are best for you. Maybe you can consult a sellers what look good on your face. Anyway, you shall try out yourself.

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