what are the best lenses for eyeglasses

I want to buy a pair of new eyeglasses. But i noticed that there are several types of lenses that i can choose. I have no idea which one to choose. Do you have any good idea? What are the best lenses shall i choose?
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  • Bernadette Korey

    Choosing eyeglasses lenses shall depend on your eye prescription and usage. If you have a slight myopia, a pair of common plastic eyeglasses lenses with 1.50 index is good for you. If you often look at computer screen, you can add anti-reflective coating on your lenses. But if you have mild prescription(between -/+2.00 to -/+4.00), i suggest you choose higher index lenses such as 1.57 0r 1.60 index lenses. If you have heavy prescription, you shall consider high index lenses such 1.67 index or even 1.74 index lenses.
  • walkietalkie1

    If you look for the best lenses for eyeglasses, i suggest you buy polycarbonate lenses which is commonly used in sports goggles. The lenses are very durable. It is said that they are to times durable than plastic lenses. Besides, they are light weight and can prevent UV rays. Anyway, you shall consult your eye doctor if the lenses are suitable for you. Good luck.

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