What are the best glasses frames for bald men?

I want to buy eyeglasses for my dad. I wonder what kind of eyeglasses frames will look good on a bald man?
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  • Samuel rodney

    Although we know that people choose their suitable glasses by their face shapes. But if you are really bald, your face shape may change. So round glasses are very suitable for you now. They will make your face not so stiffness. And people will easily tell your face shape when you wear this kind of glasses. But, if you are not sure what is your face shape, you may go to the glasses store to find a professional guy to help you, and I guess that they may let you to try a lot of kinds.
  • elmo01

    Your facial proportions as well as your head are changed completely when you are bald. Your face will become remarkable in wearing glasses. And that is why it is very important for you to choose a suitable pair of glasses. Glasses for bald men who have a round face will do well with glasses with angular or square frames. And round face do not fit round glasses. But if you have an oblong face, you can try the glasses with very bold frame. However, if you have no idea of the shape of your head, I strongly suggest you to start with sunglasses with big lenses. They really suit a lot of people, trust me. If you look fair, you may choose the bright colored glasses, you will never regret. I hope this helps.

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