What are the best coloured contact lenses for dark eyes ?

I intend to buy a pair of colored contact lenses to suit my dark eyes. Can anyone give me some nice suggestions? I really appreciate for that.
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  • Caitlin lee

    Ok, looks like you just want to pick a pair of nice contact lenses for your dark eyes. Anyway, it is said that dark eyes could be compatible with vivid colors, such as blue, green, or grey, but do not choose some striking colors such as red, or yellow, they would make you look terrible. Also you should take your hairstyle and what you wear into consideration.
  • May Yong

    There are two tupes of color contact lenses. These partially transparent lenses can give a tint of light color to the eyes, and the opaque color contacts are designed for dark eyes. Meanwhile, color contact lenses can be classified into diposable lenses and traditional lenses. The former are healthier than the latter. Because they are thinner so the more oxygen can through to your eyes. The best colored contacts for dark eyes is that can change the color of the eyes. So the blue or green contacts is the best.
  • Marissa george

    Personally, I recommend you to wear contact lenses with lighter color. If you wear dark color like brown or black, it is very likely that the color of the contact lenses can't be shown when covering your own dark colored eyes. However, if you wear lighter colored contact lenses, it will be more obvious for others.It actually depends on your own preference and style. If you want to play high pitch, light color is your choice. If you want to stay in low profile, you may as well wear dark color contact lenses which can dilate your pupils without being noticed.

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