What are some fashionable glasses?

I heard people say that eyeglasses can make people look like geniuses. Today, i also see some people look really cool with some eyeglasses. So, i plan to buy a pair to make me look more smart. Do you have any recommendation about fashionable eyeglasses?
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  • b0ys_r_gay

    In fact, if you want to enhance look with eyeglasses, you needn't just look for fashionable eyeglasses. What you shall do is to choose eyeglasses that fit for your face shape, also your personal style and clothes style. Personally, if you want a smart look, you shall avoid some cute and fancy eyeglasses. Perhaps, a pair of semi-rimless eyeglasses or black framed eyeglasses will fit for you.
  • Miranda clark

    Hi, i recommend you to buy some simple design eyeglasses. Although there are some nice and fashionable eyeglasses, they are just for fun and does not make people look smart. If you want a smart look, you can take the simple designed eyeglasses such as a pair of wayfarer eyeglasses to fit for you face. If the eyeglasses can't match your face shape, you can also consider other shaped eyeglasses such as a pair of black rectangular eyeglasses which can fit for most of people.

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