Cameron giles

What are invisible bifocal sunglasses?

Can u guys tell me what r invisible bifocal sunglasses?I would love to know more about this.Can anyone tell me about this?
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  • Kristin

    Well,this kind of sunglasses is also called no-line bifocal sunglasses.U should know that invisible bifocal sunglasses have no defined line and they r designed for close vision.I am sure u know how it works.U know what?If u have no problems about ur distance vision,then u r very lucky to save the money to buy the invisible bifocal sunglasses.In the long run,u can really save a lot from this.Compared to the regular sunglasses,they may seem a little weird,but u will find them very comfortable to wear.
  • christraper

    In terms of this,I think u should know what r bifocal glasses first.Eyeglasses with two different prescription r called bifocal glasses.In most cases,this kind of glasses r very commonly used for people who r suffering from myopia or even worse.If u choose to buy invisible bifocal sunglasses,u may not feel as heavy as when u wear other sunglasses.

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