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What are good sunglasses for men with shaved heads?

I want to buy sunglasses for my dad, what kind of sunglasses are good for men with shaved heads? I really need help.
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  • Matthew harris

    You are such a good daughter. I would love to help you. You know, the main task of a pair of sunglasses is to protect you from the ultraviolet rays. So it is very important for you to choose a pair which has good quality. Considering your father' s shaved heads, I think you should pick bright color and full- framed sunglasses for your father. Besides, you can also choose other styles according to your father' s skin color and face shape. If you are not that sure, You might as well take Ray Ban into account. Ray Ban can suit a lot of face shapes, I am sure your father will like them. Anyway, I wish you could find a nice pair soon.
  • Savannah taylor

    Actually, I think this kind of hair style can match a lot of sunglasses. However, it mainly depends on what kind of face shape your dad has. If he has a round face, he can never wear round glasses, which will definitely makes him look silly. And if he has an oblong face, then I think he had better wear a pair of a squared pair. I can' t see your dad now, so I can only imagine. I suggest you to take him to an eyewear shop to have him try all the kinds of sunglasses then you will find the most suitable pair.
  • neva taylor

    Ok, I think your daddy must be really cool. As a matter of fact, a man with shaved head would be compatible with aviator sunglasses ,which would make him look nice and professional, just like CIA. Just try to get a pair of nice aviator sunglasses for your dad at a large optical center. And try to get more options and affordable prices.
  • Marissa

    This hair style really highlights your father's face shape, so it's better not to buy sunglasses with the same shape as your father's face shape, for example, round glasses, since they may look dull. And you should focus on the arm details, because all details are exposed with a shaved head. Besides, metal material rim seems better for this hair style as it looks more mature. However, the best thing you can do is to take your father to a sunglasses shop and let him try different types, shapes and colors, then you and he can decide which one is the best.
  • Paige evelyn

    This hair style really highlights his face shape and features, meaning that the choices are endless. There are several rules were given as followed. 1, Metal rimmed sunglasses look great with his hair style. 2, No hair means a blank canvas. Experiment with bright colors and inject some energy into everyday style. 3, if you're lucky enough to have chiseled cheekbones and a strong jaw line, show your movie star features off with mirrored lenses. However, the best sunglasses frames for your face has less to do with whether or not your head is shaved than the general shape of your face.

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